Gordon Lindsay McMaster OAM
Churchill Fellow
Managing Director of Sheep Advisory Services
Stud master of Wyreema Kelpie Stud

OAM Presentation

In January 2009 Gordie was honoured with an OAM For service to the Merino Wool Industry and the Kelpie Working Sheep Dog Industry.

Merino Wool Industry In Australia Sheep classifier since 1978.

Speaker at many seminars and meetings in Australia.

Offers three biannual scholarships to work with him ("learning by doing") for a period of one to four months, two awarded to New Zealand and one to the Melbourne College of Technology. He has trained over 100 young people from 1978 to 2003"

Invited by Shear Express to be part of a development team working on a mobile shearing train, 2001 .

Instigated the Peppin-Shaw Flock Ewe Competition (to improve Riverina flocks), 1986.

Instigator, Wonga Breeders Group (a multi-vendor selling operation of one bloodline on property), 1982.

Co-founder, Riverina Stud Merino Field Days, 1973 inaugural Secretary.

Representative, Riverina Stud Merino Field Day Association, to promote Australian stud merino sheep in South Africa,

1990; Australian representative, at third World Merino Conference, 1990.

Judge of Merino sheep at numerous country shows over a 40 year period.

Overseas Roles

Speaker at many seminars and meetings in many parts of the world. (For example, Mega Merino 100 Years Celebrations, South Africa, 2007.)

Invited Judge, Merino Classic, South African Championships, 2006.

Invited by Merino New Zealand to tour, learn and report on the Wool Manufacturing Industry mainly in Italy and Germany, 2004.

Invited judge, South African Sheep Breeders' Association at the Millenium Rand Easter Show, 2000.

Invited to participate in a joint venture between the Australian and Russian Governments involving 2000 sheep from each country, 1993. Invited to visit Eastern Siberian wool growing areas.

Advisor in establishing two Ewe Competitions (the Marlborough Two Tooth Ewe Competition and the Mackenzie Two Tooth Ewe Competition) in New Zealand, 1992. Judge and lecturer, South America, 1987.

Invited by Chinese Government ( Sheep Breeding Department) to lecture and advise and assist with the purchase of future rams, 1986. Invited lecturer on merino breeding, South Africa, 1982.

Kelpie Working Dogs

Owner, Wyreema Stud, the oldest Kelpie Stud in Australia (founded in 1882), since 1964.

Foundation Member, Working Kelpie Council of Australia.

Invited to run a series of Sheep Dog Workshops, Germany, 2004.

Kelpie breeder and exporter to New Zealand, South Africa, South America, the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Europe & Russia.

One of the Australian representatives, Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, 1988.


Life Member, Working Kelpie Council of Australia, 2005.

Life Member, Riverina Stud Merino Field Days Association, 1998.

Awarded Churchill Fellowship, 1980. (The first award to the merino industry to study the merinos & dual purpose sheep of the world).

Just a few things others say about him:

One of the worlds top sheepclassers. Unsurpassed geneticist. Walking sheep encyclopaedia. Quick to offer 'his opinion'. Outspoken. Old world & old school. Rarely wrong. A man of values. A doer.

And then there are the sayings & quotations:

“While I Live I Work” G.L. McM. “Wyreema IS Kelpie” G.L. McM.

“Australia’s Heritage, Where the Kelpie Truly Rides on the Merino’s Back” G.L. McM.

“You Whistle While They Work” G.L. McM. “Wyreema Kelpies Muster the World” G.L. McM.

“Wyreema genes have Hereditability” G.L. McM.

“Kelpie Breeding is like good wine making — it’s the blending that counts” G.L. McM

“In a welter of changing ideas, the sheepdog alone is changeless. He asks no wages, demands no working conditions, cares nothing for wars, droughts or the price at which fuel is sold.” S. McM.

“The best and cheapest investment on your property is a Wyreema sheepdog.” G.L McM

“A sheepdog will work 24 hours a day if called on, does not understand disaffection and above all is indispensable.” S. McM.

"There is no good shepherd without a good flock and no good flock without a good dog.” ….S. McM.

Out where the scrubs stand dark and dense,

And the great plains blaze in the sun,

Where the wide sheep-paddocs,

Unmapped, immense,

Reach out to the Queensland border fence-

It is where the Kelpies run.

Where the dust clouds spin on the dry claypans,

Where the dancing brolgas play,

Where the dingo fashions his furtive plans-

It is there that the little black-and-tans

Toil on in the heat all day.

Will Ogilvie — Reprinted by permission of A&G Publishers.

Let's not forget the book:

Gordie Merino Visionary & Bush Legend

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