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Past Wyreema Sires.

"We made Wyreema what it is today."

....the boys

McMasters Blue

McMasters Ned

Fernhill Joker

Wyreema Ned

Scanlons Butch

Wyreema Sweeney

Wyreema Dusty I

Kyneton John

Wyreema Elton John

Wyreema Jock XII

Wyreema Boris

Wyreema Shadow II

Barknbah Sonny (Seany)

Wyreema Ned II (Ben)

Wyreema JR

Wyreema Wally Lewis

Wyreema Ronaldo

Rockybar Peter II

Cyprian Wagtail

Wyreema Andries

Doonans Spike

Montana Teal

Wyreema Gunsynd

Wyreema Gerry

Wyreema Sasha

Wyreema Kenny

Past Wyreema Bitches.

"Hey...don't forget about us. We are the most important link in the chain."

McMasters Copper

Rockybar Bassey

Elgovers Sue

Myall Jet

Kirribilli Pam

Wyreema Berry II

Wyreema Bev

Wyreema Sophie

Wyreema Sioux

Wyreema Trisha III

Buhlmanns Diamantina

Wyvelloe Bonny

Wyreema Gale

Wyreema Holly

Wyreema Gundy III

Wyreema Crystal II

Wyreema Ella

Wyreema Olivia II

Wyreema Bitches continued.

"WE made Wyreema what it is today."

....the girls

Wyreema Nicko

Wyreema Annie Oakley

Wyreema Wendy

Wyreema Meg VI

Wyvelloe Pattie

Wyreema Pam IV

Wyreema Scarlet O'Hara

Wyreema Liza Curry

Wyreema Dellys

Wyreema Tasha

Wyreema Mandy

Wyreema Rachel

Wyreema Holly III

Wyreema Barbie Bush